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We initially hired Dalila when we needed help 'cleaning up' our books for accurate financial statements. Dalila has excelled in maintaining our books, handling reconciliations, auditing records, assisting with quarterly filings, and tax planning. She stays current with tax codes, helping us optimize income allocation for tax savings. Since bringing Dalila on board, we've improved our margins in areas of overspending. She efficiently generated necessary business statements and letters for funding purposes. We eagerly anticipate our business's growth with Dalila as an integral part of our team

-Rebecca P

I used LUMI Accounting and Financial Services, for my 2022 tax return and was impressed with the level of expertise and professionalism provided. Dalila was thorough in her review of my financial documents and was able to identify deductions that I had overlooked, resulting in a larger tax refund than I had not anticipated. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.  Overall, I highly recommend LUMI/Dalila tax services to anyone in need of expert assistance with their tax filings. Thank you!!

-Krystyna R

As a new customer, I had so many questions to ask. Dalila, listened and answered all of my questions. She is always available to answer any questions I have and quick to offer a phone call if I need information further explain. I am so amazed and happy with all the changes she did during cleanup! My books never looked this organized and they did not make sense like they do now!  I am excited to know, I no longer have to worry about my books. Now, I can concentrate on growing my business! 

-Jessica B

Before I found LUMI, my business was facing several challenges. My books were not reconciled for well over a year, causing them to be in disarray. It was overwhelming, and I felt like I was managing everything alone. Dalila impressed me right from the start by cleaning up the mess that were my financial reports. Without her expertise and dedication, I don't think I would be in the strong financial situation I am today. Dalila has been an unbelievable asset to my small business. I invested in working with LUMI/Dalila because of her sincere commitment to helping me and  my business, allowing me to focus on what I love. I wanted someone who could not only handle my bookkeeping and tax preparations but also educate me on how to make my business more profitable. Moreover, she seamlessly handled the transition from Sole Proprietor to LLC and it had a transformational impact on my business. I am incredibly grateful to have found Dalila. She is not only an amazing accountant but also a true partner in helping me live my best life. Thank you, Dalila!

-Justine B

I had the pleasure of working with Dalila Popko from LUMI Accounting and Financial Services, and it completely transformed my business. As an educated individual with some accounting and finance knowledge, I believed I could handle my own bookkeeping. However, It wasn’t easy. Before I found LUMI, I struggled with inaccurate financials, a lack of profit and loss statements, and unreliable data to make informed decisions.

Choosing to invest in working with Dalila was a no-brainer. Her expertise and reputation in the field stood out, and I knew I needed an expert to bring everything in order. Since working with Dalila, I've experienced significant short-term wins. The financial reports she provides are easy to understand, empowering me to make informed decisions. I've gained confidence in my finances and can now optimize expenses and drive growth strategically. Working  LUMI has been a transformative experience. Her expertise, professionalism, have empowered me to make better business decisions. I highly recommend Dalila to any small business owner in need of expert accounting support.

-Neha K

Partnering with LUMI Accounting and Financial Services has been a game-changer for our business. As co-owners, managing our books and financial responsibilities had become increasingly challenging. We were at a point where the lack of financial clarity was affecting our partnership. That's when we turned to Dalila.

Dalila's expertise in cleaning up our financial reports and keeping our books in order has been invaluable. She didn't just provide a service; she became an essential part of our team. With her help, we've been able to clearly define and share financial responsibilities, ensuring a fair and balanced partnership. The transition from managing our finances internally to partnering with Dalila was seamless, thanks to her professionalism and guidance. We had initial concerns about the financial commitment, but the returns have far outweighed any reservations. Dalila's expertise has resulted in compliance, additional tax deductions, and better control over our financial situation. Her advice has already made a positive impact on our partnership's profitability, and we are optimistic about our future together.

-Peter Z

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