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The LUMI Story

My only goal is to help you relieve the burden of financial uncertainty so you can increase your cash flow, have more success, and live the life you deserve.

About Us

In a world where achieving work-life balance can feel like a distant dream, my journey is proof that passion and purpose can drive transformative change. Coming from a Hispanic background, with English as my second language, I've faced the challenges of cultural adaptation and language barriers. These experiences have fueled my determination to succeed. My life is a story of learning and an unyielding desire for something more. This pursuit of purpose led me to study Accounting and Finance, even as I discovered a significant gap between my dreams and the reality of the corporate world.But in the face of uncertainty, my passion for accounting burned brighter than ever.


It was at this moment that I took a daring leap, founding LUMI Accounting Services with a singular mission: to rewrite the narratives of small to medium size business owners. My journey is anchored not only in financial transformation but also in deep empathy for those who, like me, have confronted adversity. Together with my family, we embark on a mission that breathes hope into the future. We strive to vanquish obstacles and kindle the flames of success for service-based businesses owners and organizations, fostering not just financial growth but also an enduring legacy of prosperity.


"Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track." 

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By simplifying financial complexities, I empower my clients to harness their time and focus on what truly matters – nurturing the bonds of family and fulfilling dreams. At LUMI, our guiding light illuminates a path of transparency, accountability, and growth. We stand as champions for those who seek to thrive, armed with the knowledge that true success arises from collaboration, education, and unwavering integrity.

Together, we script stories of triumph, where potential knows no bounds and every milestone is a testament to the remarkable journey we undertake side by side.

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